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Canada vs. USA, GOLD MEDAL GAME!!!


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So, the stage is set....the players are ready.....now's the time for our boys to earn what rightfully belongs to this wonderful country of ours....the time is now.



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yeah, yeah, yeah :) this is what everyone wanted...the networks, the advertisers & of course the fans...start the hype for the world cup rematch...



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I hear that Bill McReary is going to be the ref.
Don says he'll be fair, so it must be true!

I am pretty fucking hyped to kick USA's asses!!!!!!!!!!

So where is everyone going?

I'm going over to my friends house with a few other guys in our Team Canada Lair. We've got 5 big flags and tons of other wikked stuff. Might have to drink a half case a beer as well. :D
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we had better win...

usa plays our style, but they have a pretty good team too...

i think it will come down to goalies
ha fucking richter

TaCk OnE?

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^^^haha, that guy IS the best.

I"m still looking for a place to go watch, maybe I'll just stay home and relax in tracks after a long weekend.

but I'm BUUUUUUUCK hype for this game.


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ok im not really into the olympics or sports whatsoever, but, i really want to watch this game.

what time is it on at??

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Temper Tantrum

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this game is going to kick some serious fucking ass. HIGHLY looking forward too it. I think we should all find a sports bar somewhere.

Go team canada gold!



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Originally posted by Fir3start3r
That's the best --->

yes, yes he is the best......

this blows, i have to work on Sunday...so I'm gonna have to keep running to the big screens to sneak peeks at the game.....

or mebbie I'll just steal a mini tv from electronics and take it to my dept......
can't wait.....can't wait......can't wait.......


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Today is the day....and it's Canada's time. We've waited 50 years for this, a chance to hear OUR national anthem. For an entire generation of Canadians, this can be our Paul Henderson moment....years from now people will ask "Where were you when Canada won on February 24, 2002?"

I strongly believe that today millions of Canadians will forget about their tax returns, the leaky roof, the flat tire on their car...for it is our day.

For those who say "it's just hockey....", they don't quite understand, but they will realize that if there's anything that could strongly unite people from St. John's to Vancouver, it's that "good 'ol hockey game"

Go Canada Go:)

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I can't believe the US coach Herb Brooks has given one of those speeches that Canada will put up in the locker room.

He was saying the wasy Canada plays hockey and their philosophies are "stupid"

We'll see who's stupid this afternoon.


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if canadians win the states are just gonna be like "oh its only hockey, and only the olympics, who cares, blah!"

but of course if they win (*gasp* heaven forbid) it'll be front page news and top story on cnn and all that ish for the following weeks.


what times the game on??



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usa usa usa usa ~~!!

"That's pretty much all they've got," Poti said. "If hockey's not going well, they're not happy people."

Just ask Wayne.

just a qoute from espn.com... hope this stirs something up there~

usa gold ~!!!
game time 3pm


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Stay Proud

Keep Cheering

We Will Prevail

That's gotta hurt

GO CANADA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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awesome that today is 50 years to the DAY that canada last won gold..

choose where you watch the game wisely, because 10 years from now you'll be telling your kids about this game..

i'm going over to my older bro's house to watch with him and my neice...




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I'm lucky enough to get to watch it at the firehall... Hopefully it won't be busy and we'll see the game through.

Could be my luck that we'll have a third alarm at the start of the second period...

Cheers. -Duncan

Cheer Bear

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Me and Dad have our beer.

Soon, the Yzerman jersey will go on.

I'm about to bunker down for the day.

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