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Canada Post "On Call" Drivers - $20/hour


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Canada Post is looking to hire “on-call†Drivers and Letter Carriers:

- Must be 18 years of age or older

- Must have a valid driver’s license, with an acceptable driving

- Must be able to work on short notice

- Must be able to lift/carry 15-25 kilograms and walk 7-10 kilometers
in all weather conditions, and résumé should indicate “physical†ability and
related work experience

Interested applicants must also bring their driver’s abstract, résumé and
professional references.

All positions pay $20.10 per hour.

However, please note, that Canada Post will be collecting résumés and
answering questions, and that unlike our usual job fair format, “on-siteâ€
interviews will NOT be held.

“Canada Post strongly encourages applications from women and members of
visible minorities.†For more information, clients can visit their website
at www.canadapost.ca, or contact us, here at St. Stephen’s ETC.

This recruitment fair will be held on Tuesday, October 18th, 2005 from 10
am – 1 pm, here at our centre, 1415 Bathurst Street, 1 block South of St.
Clair West and Bathurst, NO PARKING IS AVAILABLE.

There's free parking on the small streets.


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One of my old friends works for Canada Post doing this stuff. he says they are a great employer, he really likes his job.


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Actually it doesn't.
My colleague who organizes it said that they said that it doesn't require a DZ.

There are literally over 150 here crammed in the hallway waiting. Wow.


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Thanks to all who came out. And for those who got interviewed, good luck!

I know they hired a bunch from us that day.