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CANADA - Haven for Terrorists?

Hawk Eye

TRIBE Member
I just finished watching CFTO news. Mike Duffy was saying how there is going to be a report on 60 minutes and how we (canada) do not take terrorists seriously. This is not good considering all the millions of americans that watch 60 minutes. .. Canada is going to get a bad reputation.


I love how americans point fingers.. it wasn't canada that let the terrorists on the plane, it was the united states so maybe they should be worried about their own airport security and not ours!

This pisses me off.

terrawrist III

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the only reputation we have is being a "nice" country, which is very good in regards to immagration. This will be an invitation to take canadian satire to the next level

we've always been a joke!


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Living in Parkdale, I feel sometimes as though I live in the heart of the terrorist world, for no other reason that there have been so many accounts factual or not that terrorists base themselves in Toronto and this is one of the primary 'melting pot' hoods.

And there have been days since 9/11 that I have seen approx. 10 cop cars swarming around Jameson between King and Queen for apparently no reason, with no account of anything on the news, and then a couple of days later they talk about the 'Canadian connection' on CP24, etc...