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Canada beats the USA


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Whoop Whoop

That was one crazy game!!!

8-6 jesus murphy i can't even imagine what its like to be living in New York or Arizona right now


PS they got beat by and A and AA pitcher
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Huge accomplishment, this was great to watch, didnt think they would hold them off once the US responded with 6. It goes down as the biggest achievement of Baseball Canada that I know of.
The US media will down play the cred of the whole tournment especially if the losing continues for the States. But it really was a competitive game, the States went all out towards the end.

Just effin swelll


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Love it! I was hoping they could mercy them!:D I know it would be impossible when they have A-Rod as thier back up but it would have been great! Can they do it again in the playoffs? Got my fingers crossed:cool:


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Bookie, from the Edge, said , live on air
that theres no way Canada has a chance of beating U.S.
im SOOOO telling him off tomorrow.
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I think it's pretty cool that Ernie Whitt was able to beat Buck Martinez....

Brings back some fond memories of the days at old Exhibition Stadium.