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Can we have another "let's say something nice about someone" thread?


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I'm feeling PLURRY. :D Btw, it can totally be about anyone on here. Even if you don't know them, you can always say something nice about their posts. That way, no one feels excluded. The last one was really nice and made me smile.

I'll start.
Tearer looks good in boxer briefs.
Kul-Kat makes nice dresses.
Janiecakes treats me with respect.
Loki is a fuck funny.
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that 420 guy always uses *~ ~* for his threads and I think it's pretty
Mystique17somthingsomething is the sweetest girl and she makes me feel so good when we talk
Mboy gives good hugs
GP makes me laugh
Pyrovite(sp)(you know who I'm talking about) is really open minded and really interesting. I'm gonna email that chick one of these days
kul kat makes nice dresses, and looks AMAZING in them(gonna email that girl too)
deep makes me think, and makes me touch myself
JayIsFunny, nuff said
and my Muushka, who continues to brighten my days when I feel like I have no light left inside me. thank you
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DjDoublecross is a great DJ
KiFe is a very talented artist
OTIS seems like such a sweety when I see him. good vibes comin off'im
Kid_epic is a weirdass(in a good way.. I guess)
air bag is a good dancer(frying pan styles ;))
madnezz kicks ass at throwing 3 day events


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Vinder is very friendly and dances up a storm...

@m / Tekkid help me out with techno...

BBB... very personable and seems like a tech-head I'd chill with

Stir-fry... shiiiiiiit... known him since I was raving at 13 and was one of the original raver massive ('90-beyond)

Duncan (Mboy)... wants to protect us from fires !

Mingster... HA HAAAAAAAAAA..... she knows !

Enjay... very nice and hooks me up

Lil' Timmy..... timmy trance will make you dance

Mofo.... likes Kimmy Gibbler ;)

there's definitely more.



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wikkid thread mofo!

FutwurKk has the best personality ive ever seen
gunark is really nice
bass invader and teh roofle are synonymous
aphrodite always says what she thinks
kf and tanya are kraaazy but super fun
tella is not really a bitch as she says.. she is very nice in person
jeffsus is smart and liberal
doublecross is a wikkid dj for real
j-Hi is an angel
headwinds is therefore under divine protection :)
kul-kat is a TRUE jungle trooper. she loves music!
pyrovitae is extremely insightful

p.s. aphrodite, its GOATDE.NS..or maybe burning sands.. but definitely not frying pans :D


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Originally posted by air-bag
wikkid thread mofo!

tella is not really a bitch as she says.. she is very nice in person

"36% bitch? i'd say it's more like 96%." ------------>airbag, semiotic @ yorku.
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Temper Tantrum

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Kix could kick my ass
dlerium88 throws great parties. And is too smart for her own good!
nusty was one of my sweetest boyfriends ever ;)
Cheer Bear is the cutest peron alive
Lil' Timmy is one of the most considerate and generous people I have ever met
Dj_jake_the_snake eats more then any man I know
CC makes good french toast
Alchemy hangs out with me too much for his own good ;)
KF + Tanya are the most amazing couple. Ever.
@m is good for advice and ass shaking.
Slippery Pete is pretty
Moez has the most gentle heart of anyone I've ever met
Subsonic Chronic is the male version of Jo :)
basic is the most chilled guy and loyal friend
Jeffsus is brilliant
BEtonka is one of the coolest chicks I have ever met. She's always up for anything. And has more energy then the energizer bunny
Che is a dreamer
patio-d is also pretty
joey likes cats
Louie and Chris are the funniest guys ever. Even though they are always late, and forget to keep plans :mad:
That 420 guy is an inspiration
Lurch rocks. But I never see him anymore :(

More later



Originally posted by Jeremy
MoFo you are my shmoopie

jeremy -even if you have hemmorhoids- jive

Sunny @ Joshy's house: They're not hems, dood, they're genital warts. And you gave them to me. So now we can only sleep with each other... and of course, with other people with genital warts.


Sunny again: Jeremy spells "schmoopie" the way I do. Aww...

416 is a misogynist... I mean, a monogamist. And he loves his fiance a whole deal. They inspire me.
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Deep has a nice smile.
Cheer Bear, I just adore in every way.
Joey's a pussycat.
Smiley Jo has a lot of class.
Beaker's a wicked DJ.
JayIsBored is also fuck funny.
Par-T has a good head on hs shoulders.
Sunkist is one in a million.
~dazed~ is a really nice guy (it's such a cliche but with him, it's actually true).
Slippery Pete is really cute when he's drunk at 3 am after a pub night.
TT (& everyone else) is alive after that crash, thank God.


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- Cheeka is a wonderful host with a glowing personality and cat-like dumure.
-Joey is a hoot to get boozy with
-MoFo makes me laugh a lot.
-Temper Tantrum always makes me feel like she is happy to see me.
-My life is better for having known Metal Morphosis
-Slippery Pete sucks at golden tee
-That420Guy coined "London Massive Crew" and makes the effort to make everyone feel special
-I don't get to see Libradragon nearly enough
-I don't get to see Echo nearly enough
-Dlerium88 always makes me feel like she really is interested in what I have to say and actually listens instead of just waiting for he turn to talk
-MBoy is nice
-AT-AT always remembers me.. he's a cool dude.
-Par-T: Good shit
-Tribe Board: fucked up shit, but I'm glad I'm a part of it :)


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PosTMOd is the smartest person I've ever met
SUNKIST is beautiful, inside & out
Tearer makes good pancakes
Kife is always smiling
Dlerium88 is 1000x smarter than she gives herself credit for
MBoy is a foodfighter
Subsonic Chronic is a big bear
Moez is a porcelain doll
Hardtekfunk is an electro demi-god
Aphrodite paints pretty pictures
breakz-btch is cute
deep looks good in a tight shirt (probably even better without it, but I haven't had the pleasure)
doodlebug is a tenderheart
Galactic Phantom--why is your chin glowing?
Gavin the Bass has secret tunnels in his house
Headwinds gives great hugs
Highsteppa has an inspirationally positive attitude
JayIsBored molested me one time at System :p
joey is funny when he pretends to be a cat
Kalemic is tall
Libradragon is the best dancer
Livingroompornstar is my fake boyfriend
Madnezz is a flasher
MoFo is a snazzy dresser
Mr Furious never seems angry to me
Smiley Jo brightens up any room
Pink Angel brings nice presents when she visits
dazed likes hunchbacked ladies that groan in Harvey's washrooms
t-boy likes sex
Vinder doesn't pee in the shower
Liquid Fairy bought me a drink
janiecakes has great opinions
Hal-9000 pays good compliments
Echo gives good predictions about future babies
Mingster is generous with cigarettes


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pictures of Booty Bits posted on tribe give me instant butterflies and force a smile on my face no matter how bad my day has been....
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Temper Tantrum

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Smiley Jo has the best cookies
Pink Angel is the best hair cutter :)
DJ Soma is the man I'm going to marry for his trance sets :D
FDG is one of the most beautiful people I've ever known inside and out
Pyrovitae is everything I hope I can one day be :)
Orange Richie makes indecent proposals and is still lovable! Plus he's a redhead
Tearer is hot and sweet
RJ45 if another one of my future husbands :cool: and his gf kathleen too!
MoFo is a beautiful writer
Mr. Furious is never furious, just grumpy :)
Kumi is the most positive person I have ever met
Kalemic is good for sketchy adventures
JayisAWhoe has gotten me into the most crazy adventures.
Decepta-Kyle is a hottie, and dating one of the coolest chicks ever :D Plus he is one of the most literate individuals I know
Mingster has SPUNK

And my best friend Chrissie who many of you have the pleasure of knowing is the coolest, smartest, most stunning and just all around wicked girl. My life is a million times better for having had her in it for the bast six years :)



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i like this, let's see...

dj cheezwhiz is by far the most genuine person i have ever met.
gizmo is just one cool ass mofo...plain and simple!
libradragon is the cutest, sexiest dancer i've ever seen.
mingster has the most beautiful smile.
highsteppa is pure class.
par-t gets my respect for always dancing...ALWAYS!
che has the most comfy bed with the most comfy comforter ever.
chemi11 has the most energy i've ever seen in a human being.
matt coleridge gives me a lot of free cds and guestlist hook ups.
jayisbored has the best coloured ball caps.
suke always make me laugh. i like his posts.
@m has some twisted taste in music.

i'll add more as they come to mind.

btw, i'm feeling very lovey dovey after last night. :)


-Vinder is a crazy driver
-MoFo is captain converto
-Tearer has A.D.D.
-Pink Angel is a great hair stylist
-Temper Tantrum is still alive & safe
-Sunkist has cyber flesh at her work she plays with
-Dazed likes to pinch people's nipples
-LivingRoomPornStar is the BBQ king
-Mingster thinks too much
-Jayisbored is white

more random thoughts later
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