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can someone tell me about footwork


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hey hey all

not being from toronto , i will be in t.o for the coldplay concert on the 22nd, looking for a party place for after the concert

i love footwork on the weekend, but what do they feature on wednesday night

i am not looking for hip hop, but for funky house music, or dare we say trance(not really but as a last resort)

if anyone has any suggestions about this, or another club, help a bro out!!
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i don't think footwork is open on wednesdays

for house music you might want to check out Andy's Pool hall wednesday night for house
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You may wanna stick around for Sean Kosa @ Disco Diablos Killer Dope, the new weekly every Thursday at Footwork.
Sean has releases on Turbo, White Leather, Lipstick and Bug Eyed (I think)
He plays a slick blend of Elelctro/tech/housey business with a dirty. humorous edge!
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