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Can someone help?


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I downloaded the stev-o video. It was in RAR format. I then extracted it. I got 1 .bin file and 1 .cue file. I then extracted that and got an mpeg 2 file and a bunch of other ones.

I can't watch svcd on my dvd player. So I thought I could watch it on my computer.But, the same things happens on my computer as my dvd player it screws up the audio and won't move the picture. How do I convert it to mpeg1? I tried everything I knew how to do including looking for software on download.com.

www.vcdhelp wasn't much help either. it said I had to have a certain .dll file to play svcd. Whcih I don't have or know how to get!

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hmm it's possible your DVD player isn't SVCD ready.

So go download Power DVD 4.0 and just watch it on your computer..