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Can I keep a chest freezer on my balcony?

Stop Bill C-10

Sal De Ban

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It will be 100% ok. Before you know it, you'll be deep-freezing under the stars like a boss, biting your thumb at the haters who didn't believe in you.
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I'm pretty sure your compressor would freeze up in the winter.

I imagine this would depend on the freezer you have, but I wouldn't unless you had something heating your compressor.


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ok my operating instructions says not to run it at temps below -19c.....so Im thinking it should be ok...
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If you are going to do it in one of those newly built condos, the balcony might fall off the building onto the street below.


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Is this balcony in public view? I hate it when people use a balcony for storage. It looks ugly.

I finance apartments so I go on numerous property inspections. I've noticed a strong inverse correlation betwen the amount of storage on the balconies and the economic prosperity of the tenants.


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We got one of those cooler/freezer things that can plug into the car lighter or regular electrical outlet. Works pretty good in the summer, I think it cools about 20 degrees from the ambient temperature
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