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Can anyone tell me about Bob Dobbs?


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Should I join his church?


The Freeparty


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i don't know about him but bob cobb conducts for the policeman's benevolent association symphony, rents a villa in tuscany, and prefers to be called maestro.
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I think you want to look at http://www.subgenius.com for more info on Dobb's church, the Church of the SubGenius.

Slack is all you'll ever need.

I believe there are a couple of good books out on the subject as well - in particular, "The Book of the SubGenius: Being the Divine Wisdom, Guidance, and Prophecy of J.R. 'Bob' Dobbs, High Epopt of the Church of the SubGenius, Here Inscribed for the Salvation of Future Generations and in the hope that Slack may someday Reign on this Earth" - by J.R. Dobbs & Rev. Ivan Stang.




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No one really "joins" the Church of the SubGenius. You're pretty much either a SubGenius or you're a Pink Boy. Most people in general just don't know if they're a SubGenius or not.