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Can anyone recommend???


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Yeah i know this should be in the jobs forum...
But i wanted to get a quick response, if possible!
Plus, im sure im not the only one in this position within these economic times!

Im looking for a couple of good headhunters in Toronto, any recommedations?

Been running a cluster of radio stations as a promotions director Northwest of the city for a year and a half now, but being out there is driving me a bit crazy!

Ive got a radio diploma (yipee) and a Sales Accreditation, plus im heading to U of T this fall to get things moving on a Marketing degree...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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you're looking to be a sales rep in radio? Now is the worst time in years for hiring in this field.

I know that CKIS (Kiss 92.5) is new in Toronto, after CJAQ (JACK FM) failed and was shipped to Calgary. They might be hiring reps right now