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Can anyone identify this track?


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I keep hearing a track on Paul the engineer's show he's been playing it for a bit more than a year now.
The track is either Hard Trance or Hardstyle, can't tell those two apart, in any case it's a harder tune. It has a very catchy melody with femail vocals saying something about getting out of her dreams and a very strong male voice yelling "This is Cocaine".
Does anyone know what this track is?
yakooza - cocaine
solo - cocaine
dj tom x - cocaine
dj mishja - cocaine
dj youri - fuck on cocaine

make your pic...

the track you're looking for is DJ Tom-X - Cocaine I usually play either the Scot Project or Bush remix of it.
You can always check the playlists from shows in THIS thread or the older ones in THIS forum.
Originally posted by DjCao
yakooza - cocaine

great track but I don't think it has female focals.
Mark EG killed me with this track the last time he was in town! Never danced so hard... then he threw a broken (he broke in two pieces on stage) record at someone. Ah the memories. :)

I used to have almost that whole list of cocaine tracks above but erased my harddrive by accident about 2 months ago. :( 30 gigs of trance gone....
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