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Can anyone here speak/write Russian?


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I need to interview this dude in the Ukraine who make specialized metal detecting scoops and his English is not so good. Basically I will put together a list of maybe 10 questions that you need to translate and put to him by email, and then translate the responses that come back from him. It will be used on my metal detecting blog site: Treasure Finders - Gold Finders

Online translation does not seem to work well for interviewing people.
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I can sing the Soviet anthem, but that's the extent.

Ukrainian and Russian are not the same thing, though most Ukraines speak Russsian. You should make sure (what s/he speaks best) before you hire any translator.



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AlexD clearly said Russian, person will be able to speak to anyone who speaks Russian.

Source: I have a few Ruski speaking friends, from Latvia and Ukraine.