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can anybody link me to that new york hotels thread of a few weeks ago?

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Good luck in NYC..

Don't buy anything in Times Square unless you are filthy rich.
Go to Grimaldi's Pizzeria in Brooklyn - A or C train to High Street


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thanks for the help, helpers... i'm booked at some busted-ass hotel called the Carlton Arms in Gramercy Park. $80 for a room with two beds. leaving more $ for kicks and booze.


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Good timing on this. I'm headed down at the end of April for a few days and was looking for the old thread on this.
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wayne bradbury

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If you stay in Manhattan, the HOJO on 51st and 8th was a bit ghetto(if you take a smoking room) but the location was really good. Be prepared to pay about $20US a day for parking if you drive down. I also found walking to 9th Ave was cheaper for most things especially restaurants. Anything close to Times Square is very expensive.


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oh yeah...that place was the ish...especially the crazy drunk scotish bastard in the hostel on the main floor who got me f'in hammared!