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Camera Repair Help

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Hi Tribe..

looking for some advice from some photographers here...

I dropped my Canon EOS D20 and it's no longer working properly. It still turns on and it will still auto-focus with a lens on it, however it won't take a picture. Also, the lcd screen does not work.

I went to the Canon warehouse in Mississauga today since I was told that they will do repair estimates for free however they won't even look at it since it's so old.

So now I'm in a position where I can bring it to repair shop but probably pay about $50 for them just to look at it (I think that's what Henry's charges). Given the age of the camera it's not really worth investing too much money to fix it.

I'm hoping that someone has had a similar experience and can tell me what to expect interms of fixing it. I feel like it still takes good pictures and perfect for a beginner (like me).

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I don't have any advice but if it's that old and you like it so much, you could probably buy a used one for the same price it would take to repair.