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Calling the Phat Conductor and Dave Dub

Miss Michie

TRIBE Member
Hey guys!!!

Dylan and Dave

i've been trying to get ahold of you you both

wanting to know if you guys are still playing for me and lucie tonight at 254

pm me or email at djmissmichie@hotmail.com


DYLAN you have my number call me!!!

lemme know


ps or if anyone has Dave's number can i get it from you

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Yeah, wicked night.

I walked into the club to be greeted by the warm glow of the red neon sign and the moving shapes of light dancing along the floor. The downtempo musical stylings of the Phat Conductor permeated the air. For the budget conscious partier, the $0 cover was most welcome...oh wait, shouldn't this be in the PARTY REVIEWS section?

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TRIBE Member
I'd pay the $10. you get to bump it everyweek with the new line up.. I know a million tribe ppl that would come to a free weekly breaks jam