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Calling Montreal kids! (tech head rob)


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Me and some friends decided to go to montreal tomorrow (in about 10 hrs) and i was just wondering what are some good places to go to on a thursday night? (preferably techno)

unfortunatly we are only staying for one night, then off to ottawa..

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Teckstyle thursdays at Bluedog is the only techno night i know of in MTL on a thurs...
Bluedog is on St. Laurent Street... its a long street, but if you know any french (or if you have to-english) you can find it alright if you ask the right kids.
if you've ever been to Blizzarts, its right beside it.

i've never been to it (i don't really have any techno friends in MTL)... but tonight Mini's playing and apparently there's some free giveaways (including a dj bag!)... and Bluedog, while it is kind of a hole in the wall, has sort of 'underground' feel to it. :confused:
hope this message gets to you in time.


Technocratic Girl

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Rob- your email and/or #


I am sorry! I lost your number and I wanted to call you just now...
so email me and we'll get in touch that way: womenoftekno@hotmail.com

I am supposed to interview Marco Carola tommorow before his gig at Aria, so I may end up going... (we'll see) Anyways, this is a rare time I may be at a large club like that...

Remote has cancelled thier Stereo night- a while ago...
Now the minimal techno heads hang at Liaka where Dj Maus spins on thurs...

There's a techno party this sunday at Jinxy this sunday I believe, w./ Mateo Murphy, Soundshaper, and Mighty Kat.

Sat. at Liaka for more chilling grooves is The Mole and Soulsistah...

Wait- you only asked for tonight... opps.


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I jsut saw that thing on groove.ca (Marco Carola spinning)

Fack me for missing it all
First the crystal method
now him

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well i'm back and i had a blast in montreal!
thanks for the help rob, but i didnt even get to a computer for the past three days until now.
HOWEVER, we ended up going to the bluedog that night and it was great.
my friend had me thinking there was dnb that night, but as soon as we got there i had a huge smile on my face.
good (FUN)people, chill place, and some good techno, and i got a 20 gift certificate for some acme store..
not going to do much now though

Temper Tantrum

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heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I know you
I thought you were joking when you said you were on tribe.
I'm assuming this is bruno's friend :D


PS I still have my free giveaways from that night. Twas mad fun.