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calling all industrial design students


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I've got my portfolio interviews 6 weeks or so. 1 with OCAD and 1 with Humber.

Does anyone have any last minutes tips for putting the finishing touches on my portfolio?
My friend is in his last year in the Humber ID program, and so far he has learned alot. Lots of practical work.
As for helping you with the portfolio I'm sorry I can't.
If you are going for foundation: the best advice is to bring everything and anything including sketchbooks, journals, roughs, thumbnails and artist packages of things that inspire you EXCEPT for bad anime drawings and performance pieces (unless you have it on tape).

If you're going for an advance standing, make that clear and also make it clear what you are majoring in. And bring an excess of ID stuff, of course. And lots of 3-d works like pottery, maquettes, models and sculptures.
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