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Calling all computer geeks re: drive backup


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I recently bought a new hard drive because no matter how big your hard drive is you find ways to fill it up with priceless data that you can't do without that 6 months ago you never envisioned giving a flying fuck about. But now since it's on your computer you can't part with it because you might use it once in the next ten years. Anyways sorry for the rant. My situation is thus:

I have my operating system on a 20GB drive and I want to transfer it to my old 40GB drive and basically switch the drives and have my computer work the same without missing a beat. I hear that Norton Ghost is able to do this but is it the best option and are there other options that would be more cost effective (free).

Thanking all the geeks in advance
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Originally posted by KillaLadY
Symantec Ghost software will ghost an identical image of what you currently have, yes. :)

Is that the best software out there for this kind of task?
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Originally posted by pr0nstar
Yes it is...

And you should be able to find an "evaluation" copy on the net somewhere ;)

pr0nstar :D
Thanks guys. One more question. What's an evaluation copy? You mean a illegal copy or one of those trial software thingies.