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Probably one of the best, most melodic sets I've heard in ages. My first time seeing him live, having missed the past few shows due to illness or out of the country...well worth the wait. Still one of the best producers and a great DJ. Was pleasantly surprised with DRS. Easily the next Conrad. Good voice, new when to speak up (and be quiet). That's saying a lot coming from a guy who despises almost all MC's. I found the crowd to be a bit ghetto, but the beats made up for it.

A very good set from Gunnz and Chase...wasn't entirely feeling that Addy dudes set, but it was still solid and the rest of the crowd was vibing to it.

All in all a good night, but what the hell is with the guv and them thinking they are above the law with the smoking laws?! The smoking was disgusting and the bathrooms are some of the worst in TO (club wise).

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the night was aight...not a super-memorable one.

gunns and chase were probably the best sets of the night, imo.

"andy from brazil" was playing dancefloor-oriented tunes that were a little dated to my ears.

calibre was a bit of a snoozer, personally. it would have been better if he mixed up the pace a bit, or mixed out of the songs a little faster, they kind of locked into the same groove, same tempo, for the whole set. the bass with tight on most of his material, but the template was too much the same for me, especially when stacked one after another. i kinda thought he might bring the hype a little bit more...but it was consistently smooth and rolling the whole night.

maybe this particular set just wasn't for me. it was a little *too* rolling, and not deep (ie. matrix-styleee) enough for that kind of groove. drs was solid as per usual, but nothing unexpected.

the space is pretty nice (first time being there), but the washroom situation is raphael de la ghetto.

all in all, it was a solid, but not spectacular evening, but it was good to get out and hear some chunes and connect with peeps.


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vox said:
the space is pretty nice (first time being there), but the washroom situation is raphael de la ghetto.

LMAO at Mr. de la ghetto



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vox said:
but it was good to get out and hear some chunes and connect with peeps.

awesome, yeah....i love connecting with peeps. you're so much better at it than i am though.

fun party!


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good show. felt claustrophobic(sp) and hated looking for peeps through the croud. but I'm really happy there's so many people turning out for these. and nice to see so many great ppl at these events. I always know I'll have fun and hear great music. thanks Kate for list u looked FINE.. left too early. I think cuz it's on friday and my friends are becoming elderly. I'd rather leave when my friends are ready than make em stay. left shortly after 3.. coat check Tina is cute. sunny that guy is funny I approve. did you guys buy those guys a drink? happy birthday Erin. good times at the hottest appartment ever.. (not a lil romance session) JC.. hope you had fun! zirca.. the IQ was definately on the DL. mush, why the hell did we get out of the cab again? bah ha.. good times
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