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Calibre makes the best filler

evil homer

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I like calibre, I think he's a wonderful producer and his tunes have a real smoothed out subtle vibe to them. But does anyone else find that his tunes have no peaks and no valleys. I think its most noticeable on his remix work (like Total Science 'Juicy Fruit', Beta II 'Cat Fight', Danny Byrd 'Changes', High Contrast 'Global Love') He takes all of the ups and downs, builds and drops and smushes them together into this long homogenous piece. A lot like (deep) house in that way, very hypnotic, and although its not 'peak' material I think its the best damn filler around.
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I agree.
His tunes are very smooth, sweet sounding, aren't floor killers...they're head nodders.
I wouldn't necessarily call it filler, but is his case, great "transitional tracks". :)

terrawrist III

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Ive got the "musique concrete" LP and love it...very somber , jazz fueled melodies for the summer!

he's definetly one to look for as far as future releases go...he was able to pump out a LOT of tunes on this album so you know he works hard and you know he'll mix it up for future collaborations and such.

part of the new breed no doubt!


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he definitely provides tunes that make a set great, but aren't the tunes that you'll remember as much. we need a few of these producers around. plus it's great listening music.