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Calgary Collective


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Check it out. This is my buddy Crickett's collective in Calgary. They're just getting the web'site up and runnin' but already have bios, pics and most importantly ONLINE MIXES for your enjoyment.

Cheers and enjoy. :)


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Littlest Hobo

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I'm listening to these mixes, and I am enjoying them. Very nice!

There's one problem: you can't DL them! I'm not going to tie up my phone line in order to listen to them. You guys ain't Carl Cox or Oakenfield; quit being wankers and let me 'save target as'.


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Same Cricket that had a few mixtapes floating around Toronto a number of years back? yeah i wondered what happened to that guy too.. solid mixes they were.
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great mixes!
Actually I just finished the first one from Cricket and I was pretty impressed.
Now I'm on to the next one and i'm guessing that I wont be dissapointed.