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calculating freight/PDI etc


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When buying a house, there are typical closing costs _ legal, appraisal, tax, etc


when buying a car, how do you figure out FREIGHT and PDI and what else is there?



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Just ask the dealer. They'll hook you up.

It's usually a standard price for the particular model you're interested in.


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The reason I asked tribe was to see if there was a standard fee across the board in percentage terms.

And it's a pain in the ass to call six various dealers, so I figured MAYBE there was a normal calculation.

Just to make it easier.

I guess not though.


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six dealers for the same car? I think the PDI and freight is prescribed by the manufacturer so it should be the same. Not sure if that's the case for every manufacturer though, so why not just try 2 and see what you come up with
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Freight is standard for a certain model, whether you live beside the plant or 15 hours away.

I don't think there is a certain % rule, but i would say dealers charge more on higher cars, cause they can get it out of rich people.


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more Canada-only suckage:

in the U.S. only a state tax is paid on a new car purchase, there is no GST equivalent and as a result they pay roughly half the tax. (15% vs. 7-8%)

also, most U.S. car prices include delivery charges and P.D.I., whereas here that's yet another costly add-on, typically costing more than a thousand dollars.

it just isn't right.