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Cafe del Sol @ Elements


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Haven't been since Nov. when Barry :MACHINGUNFUNK: Weaver destroyed the arena. WicKed night. Good music. Great friends.
The Denver Boys went all over the place. Safe!. Nice to meet Sugar ... but I still don't know your real name :)

Jo and PA ... I love bugging you girls :p. "Hey Dan ... would you like some Malox for your stomach? :p *slits throat*

Flea ... Respect!. Backdoor "VIP" Entry everytime.
kyfe ... work it to the bone.

Ain't no party like an S=Dawg party 'cause an S=Dawg party don't stop. Don't Quit.



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Originally posted by Suke

Nice to meet Sugar ... but I still don't know your real name :)

That's weird, cuz I only introduced myself as Allison!

And btw: it was MY pleasure to meet YOU!


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Just as I expected the boys from Denver came correct. They compliment each other quite nicely with Little Mike throwing down the sweet house jams and Ty Tek kickin' it up a notch! Great guys too! They were impressed with the Tdot crew. We'll definately be seeing more from these cool cats.
As for the drinking side of things, well...
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