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Cabbagetown studio apartment for $500


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1 1/2 month sublet. Bright newly renovated large studio basement with private entrance in cabbagetown home just east of parliament. Washer/Dryer, Track lighting, Skylight, Brand new fridge, stove, in-set self-cleaning oven, microwave. Lots of natural lighting

There is also a walk-in closet, large bathroom complete with extra large shower enclosed by tiled walls and benches inside. Move in immediately and stay until February 1st for $500. Respond here, PM, or Call 416-731-1181. :cool:


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Iwould take it, but february is to soon...
i need it for a longer period...
It sounds great !!!:(


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I would hate to move into a place and move out just one month later
too much work

But good luck