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~*...cabbage patch kidz...*~

that 420 guy

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this thread is dedicated to the phenom that was the cabbage patch doll.


what was your doll's name?

where is your doll now?

i had two cabbage patch kids, both of them girls. the first one was blonde with a side pony tail and a single tooth. her name was joanna isabel. the other was a sandy blonde with braided pigtails named naomi elizabeth. i don't know where my dolls are now *sigh* they didn't make chinese jamaican cabbage patch kids, so the caucasian ones had to do.


- that garbage pail kidz collector guy :cool:


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Mines in my closet with my porno mags.both are from a younger day!

He had a football jersey,but I don't remember his name.

he smells like baby powder!


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"Cabbage patch kids
Growing in the garden,
Cabbage patch kids
Growing in the sun.
And the most amazing thing about a cabbage patch kid
Is that each one grows to be a special one."

I had two, the girl was named Daria Serena, but I called her Sarah cuz I thought Daria sounded like diarrhea. She had two sandy blonde pigtails.

I also had a baby boy, but I can't remember his name. I didn't like him as much cuz he was bald.

I remember going to Toys R Us to get one with my grandma, and they were kept up really high behind glass cuz they were in such high demand.


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I didn't have cabbage patch kids... but i had the Beaver from 'The Get Along Gang' that i played with while other kids played with girlie dolls :p




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I never had one, nor did my sisters. My mom thought they were ugly and never bought them for us or allowed us to have them.



.:. Share what you know, learn what you don't .:.
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My mom didn't believe in buying me toys that were mass-marketed....so she asked her friend to make me Cabbage Patch Doll out of soft material.

She loved it, because of the craftsmanship invloved. Meanwhile, her little daughter is the only one on the block without the coolest doll around. I was shunned! All for the purpose of artistic appreciation. My friend felt sorry for me so she gave me her Cabbage Patch reject.

Don't cry for me.....



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Mine was named Rebecca. My brothers was named Quentin. WE used them as weapons against each other from time to time...


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I don't remember the name of mine, but I do remember how hard the heads of those things were and how they were virtually indestructible. I used mine as a primitive weapon against the evil tryrants that were my sisters. Then I grew older and found that the head could be used for target practice with a pellet gun, mostly cause the pellet would leave a nice metallic mark on the plastic but it wouldn't come close to denting it so you could see a hit ( I was a bored kid, not a sick in the mind kid).

Now that indestructible head is wedged into some industrial sized trash compactor somewhere that can't quite squish it, so they have to crawl in there and pull it out and throw it back to where it came from.
no really I am quite stable!
always was. :)
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I was so ALL over Cabbage Patch Kids!!!

I had
regular one - Ellen Julia
premie - Alwyn Jack
twins - Naomi Arleen and Martin Garth
newborn - Aubry Vern (whose name I hated so much I actually sent the paper work in to the cabbage patch adoption center and had it changed to Christopher Thomas)

sadly I didn't have to even think about their names... they were right there without even straining :D!
I loved these things so much... what a massive part of my childhood they were!!
I still have all of them at my parents house.

I had a horse too... and about 2 million outfits.

:D - aww happy memories.. thanks Norm :)!!!


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My brother had one.

You definately don't want to fool around with those things. Those heads are deadly.


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was given one as a child, i think his name was Roderick or something, all i remember was my uncles making fun of me for having a "Doll" :mad:

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i had one that i shared with my brother.

i think my parents thought it was really wierd that we wanted a doll. but everyone had one. and when you're a kid, that's a tough pull to resist.

don't remember his name. just remember curly blondish hair and a basketball jersey.

i wonder what happened to it? it might have been sold in a garage sale or given to charity. hmmmm. asking my mother where it is would mean i'd actually have to talk to her, so that's out.

i guess i'll never know.

Evil Dynovac

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My little sister had two. Their baby powder smell did not match their wide, unblinking eyes.

I was not comfortable when they were in the room. The way people went crazy for them made me even more ill at ease.

Whatever evil they were created to perform has no doubt been down because the hype is dead and you never see them around anymore.

Just like lephrachauns.
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i had a real one, a baby one and a fake one that my gramma made. i forget what their names were. but i wish i still had them. weren't the premies the ones you disolved in water or something? or their papers? and it told you what sex they were?


Those things were twisted, and basically haunted me for a good chunk of the 80s. My sister had a roomfull of them, and they'd just be everywhere...sometimes in the bathtub or sitting by the pool.

They're safely stashed away in my parents' basement now.

that 420 guy

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~*...bringin up old shit...*~

taken from www.cabbagepatchkids.com

15 inch Preemie from $170 to $190
17 inch Newborns are $199
22 inch Kids are $265
Special Editions from $255 to $345

One day, a young boy named Xavier Robers wandered into a magic cabbage patch hidden behind a beautiful waterfall. He discovered busy little Bunnybees sprinkling cabbages with magical crystals. Suddenly, all sorts of different kids and babies peeked out of the cabbages! Each one had his or her own special look, personality, name, and birthdays. "I'll call you the Cabbage Patch Kids!" he said as everyone cheered.

Xavier fell in love with the "Kids" and built Babyland General Hospital just for them. It's a safe, happy place to live and play until somone like you takes them home to be cared for and loved.

When you adopt a "Kid" of your own, you become part of the legend, too...and make a Cabbage Patch Kid very happy.


- that ganja patch guy
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