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Up till now i never liked Cause 4 Concern...they bored me and i preferred the sound of Stakka and Skynet, Kemal and Rob Data, Ed and Optical.

But, finally releases like Soul/Eurotrash, EPox, and the remix of Davide Carbone 'Innocence' have turned me on to them.

what do the rest of you think?


Dr. Grinch

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The Original of Innocence floats my boat a little more..
Cause for Concern do have some dope mixes out there though.
I don't think I would rush to go see them if they ever came to town though. Kinda like Ink and Loxy, I think they would be kinda boring live.. =\


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white widow kicks ass!!

check out a couple of their sets on Audiogalaxy.........very nice DJ's as well as producers, a rarity these days:)


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...to me they have started to sound stale...however....Epox...Phat Cap and some of their early releases kicked bum.....
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