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C2000 Smartphone Android Quad Core 5.0 Inch HD unlocked 3G White

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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If you want a cheap but good Android device go with Alcatel OneTouch Idol X. Bell sells it for $249.95 not contract and everyone I've known who has used it has been more than impressed. 5", Quad core, 13 megapixel camera. 1080P. No idea why it's so cheap.

Aaron Bradley

TRIBE Promoter
That looks awesome. I just got my One about 6 months ago. I'm actually just getting a phone for backup or for my wife to use as her backup.

Fak - I'm so tempted to try this knockoff! If I order online it's only $100.

I hated this stuff like yesterday and now I'm worrying about a second device...

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