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C1 - Jumpin Jack Frost – ‘Reggae Reggae Jungle’ - Philly Blunt Mix


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Here's a Channel One exclusive from the don Jumpin' Jack Frost. Big thanks to my partners Marcus & Lush for making this happen. Stay tuned, subscribe & follow. Plenty more coming this summer.


This week on Channel One we have the pleasure of presenting a mix from without a doubt the single biggest name we have ever had contribute to our little “station”. The first words that spring to mind when describing this guest and his ever lasting contribution and influence on underground electronic music are Legend, Icon, Taste Maker and Maverick. South London’s Jumping Jack Frost has been at the forefront of British Bass Culture from day dot. One of the first real big name Rave DJ’s to emerge from the Summer Of Love in 1988, Frost injected his earlier Rare Groove, Funk and Reggae influences into Acid House, becoming one of the main prognosticators of the shift from Acid into Hardcore and further into Jungle and then Drum & Bass. One of the true cornerstones holding up the entire culture of the music , Frost has been responsible for introducing the world to most of Jungle and Drum & Bass’s most ground breaking tunes and artist’s via his dub plate heavy DJ sets, or via his landmark label V Recordings in partnership with the equally as legendary, Bryan G.

Always a DJ first, in 1993 Frost caught the production bug and with the engineering duties being handled by a young artist Bryan and Frost had discovered named Dillinja, Frost produced one of Jungle’s most seminal classic anthems: “The Burial” under his Leviticus alias. Bryan and Frost knew that the tune was way too hardcore and in your face for the cutting edge and experimental future classics that they were releasing from Roni Size, Krust, Die and Dillinja on V recordings. So they decided to set up a sister imprint to focus on the more blatant, urban Jungle vibes that the tune represented, and so Philly Blunt Records was born. The label’s first ten releases from Leviticus, Fire Fox and 4 Tree (Roni & Die), Trinity (Dillinja), London’s Most Wanted (Ray Keith), Glamour Gold (Krust) and Suvivor (Suv) all went on to be among the most important and vital Jungle anthems of all time.

Enter into 2014 and Jumping Jack Frost is still one of the most enigmatic and respected personalities with in Drum & Bass, continuing to DJ all over the world and break new sounds and artists. With a steady resurgence of Jungle music being made, Frost and Bryan G are bringing back their iconic Philly Blunt label and brand after a dormant period, re energized with new tunes, new faces and a new energy, touching on the classic Philly Blunt sound of the past with a contemporary twist. To celebrate the re launch, Frost has provided us with this brand new Ragga Jungle leaning Philly Blunt mix to wet your appetites for what’s to come. Put your V signs in the air and salute the living legend Jumping Jack Frost. V Forever baby!

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