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C.S.I interactive game for PC

Eccentric (LRG)

TRIBE Member
dammit sk8.. i thought someone had a game for me...boo to you hehehe...

and there is... i'm excited haha me and my moms, we love CSI.
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and by "Doh" I'm choosing to hear "deal!"

So now that we've made a deal, you better follow through.
Or I'm taking back all my transformers, and my stretch armstrong.

[Peter Griffen]"Oh man, his arms stretch out all the way till next week!"[/PeterGriffin]


Well-Known TRIBEr
i have watched some of the shows ... they are very interesting.

i don't watch tv much but this show is very good... i didn't know there was a p.c. game.. how good can it be?

so.. what time does this show come on?... 'cause all of the shows i have watched have been through downloading them off kazza.
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Eccentric (LRG)

TRIBE Member
yea but your not a hardcore like my mom! Its mostly she who wants it. She asked if I could ask tribe...cause she figures y'all tribers must have everything.

i caught her looking through the triber pix thread...She was laughing at how silly some of the pix are.