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Bye Bye Lenny Wilkens


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The Raptors have gone 1-16 in their last 17 games, and it looks very likely that the postseason, let alone challenging for the Eastern Conference Championship is but a dream.

It's not the talent. Keon Clark, Morris Peterson, AD, Vince , Hakeem , Childs, Curry and JYD can play. They are making bad mistakes/decisions and don't seem to learn from them. Their defence is a joke.

This falls on Lenny Wilkens. Either his gameplans aren't working or he isn't communicating the plan effectively. The Raptors frequently come out of the game and halftime extremely flat. There is usually more ocnfusion than cohesion after a timeout. They probably lead the league in points against off inbounds passes by a huge margin. Screw the 'he's not out there taking shots , playing D, etcc" argument. The team is in disarray.

After the win against Miami last Friday, the players were talking about how that game just put them in the playoffs. Too bad they decided not to show up to their games this week, expecting that they were automatically playoff bound.

I hope Raptors management are as aware of the problem as the casual observer and make a change at the coaching position. There is some definite talent out there. Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Fratello are ex-NBA coached that come to mind. From the college ranks, perhaps we could lure away a Bob Huggins or Don Cheany.
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When I read the topic I thought Lenny was actually fired. I would love to see Van Gundy coaching in Toronto.


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I agree Wilkens has got to go.

but, really, what has Van Gundy ever accomplished????

other than grabbing/humping Alonzo Mourning's leg..........

(it was Alonzo, wasn't it???)


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Van Gundy coached the Knicks into the NBA finals without an injured Patrick Ewing (who did his team a favor by sitting on the bench). The Knicks always overachieved for Van Gundy, they didn't have the most talent but he always got the best out of them. Where are the Knicks without him?


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how many more games can i watch slip through?
i agree, the raps continue to make the same basic mistakes!
like the in bounds pass near the end of the game!
what the fuck?!
they've made that same mistake so many times!

it's gonna be tough to wire wilkens because they're still paying butchy.
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