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by the rivers of bablylon!

Discussion in 'Roll Calls' started by TaCk OnE?, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. TaCk OnE?

    TaCk OnE? TRIBE Member

    the melodians, classic rocksteady group performs live at harbourfront on sunday at 8.

    any roots reggae fans shouldn't miss this.
  2. kerouacdude

    kerouacdude TRIBE Member

    really wish I coulda gone to this
    (even though Brent Dowe died 4 yrs ago, still would be some nice harmonies by the water)
  3. TaCk OnE?

    TaCk OnE? TRIBE Member

    it was really fun. the place when off when the dropped that tune obviously, but played a good hour and a half of classic feel good reggae.

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