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Buzz Hargrove "Shocked" at expulsion from NDP



NDP gives Buzz the boot
Veteran union leader says he's `shocked' at his expulsion for endorsing some Liberals
But he says he'd do it again
Feb. 12, 2006. 07:45 AM

The NDP has expelled Buzz Hargrove, the country's most prominent labour leader, for actively promoting strategic voting and Liberal candidates in last month's federal election.

The Ontario NDP provincial executive voted yesterday to pull the membership of Hargrove, president of the Canadian Auto Workers, for violating the party's constitution regarding provisions against endorsing other candidates. It also automatically revokes his membership in the federal party.

"I was shocked and surprised," said Hargrove, who has held an NDP membership card for 41 years. "I never had any warning that this was coming or being debated. I never had a chance to speak."

Sandra Clifford, president of the Ontario NDP, could not be reached for comment last night.

Over the years, Hargrove has sat on the NDP's federal council and been among the top 5 per cent in annual financial contributors to the party.

The NDP executive said he could regain his membership if he writes a letter indicating he would not endorse candidates for other parties again.

"Not a chance," Hargrove said in an interview. "That won't happen."

However, Hargrove's expulsion likely won't affect the CAW's continuing support of the NDP provincially or federally, according to union insiders.

Under strategic voting, the CAW endorsed Liberal candidates in selective ridings where it felt the NDP had little chance of winning in efforts to keep a Conservative from capturing a seat.

After the election, Hargrove described the union's position of strategic voting as a success although the Conservatives won a minority government.

Hargrove said the Conservatives might have won a majority and pushed Canada toward a more right-wing agenda, which he said would hurt working people and the poor.

He said the CAW would consider a similar strategy again under certain circumstances.

"I would do it again if it was in the best interests of my union, working people and all Canadians," he said.

The CAW, the country's biggest private-sector union with more than 260,000 members, overwhelmingly endorsed strategic voting after a recommendation from Hargrove and a lively debate at a national council meeting in December.

After the vote, Hargrove gave then-prime minister Paul Martin a union jacket and the two hugged on stage.

The decision, and Hargrove's high profile in the campaign at Liberal events, infuriated many long-time NDP activists, other union leaders, workers and CAW members. Some carried anti-Hargrove placards at rallies or vented their anger in letters. The Ontario Public Service Employees Union distributed buttons with the message: "Buzz Off. I'm Voting NDP."

They argued that such a strategy would bend a person's political principles and make it difficult for a third party to win an election if supporters are voting for another party all the time.

Furthermore, they said the Liberals and Martin cut social and employment insurance programs that hurt workers during their 13 years in power.

At yesterday's executive meeting, members argued Hargrove clearly breached the party's constitution and they had no choice but to expel him.

But executive member Mike Shields, a top CAW official, countered the party was acting hypocritically since other prominent NDPers had done the same thing but are not facing expulsion.

"Toronto Mayor David Miller, who is an NDP member, actively endorsed some Liberal candidates," Shields said.

"I don't think too many NDP candidates in Toronto were happy about that. If the puritans in the party want to go down the road they're going, it can be pretty slippery."

Hargrove has also experienced icy relations with Ontario NDP Leader Howard Hampton since advocating strategic voting in a provincial election.


Next up - Buzz Hargrove in shock over wife handing divorce papers after fucking best friend.

Really, did he really think after that high profile cock sucking/spooning that he did with Paul Martin on national tv (giving Martin the jacket, etc.) would result in the NDP turning the blind eye?
Althought I'm a Buzz fan, strategic voting is clearly for fruitcakes and trannies.

Smell ya later Buzz.
I think it was his public displays of man-love with Martin that really got the goat of the inner-circles of the NDP. Still, this decision might not be the smartest one for the NDP.
What a moron. His comments reek of dictatorial power.

Buzz knows what's best for all Canadians...oh yes...
Originally posted by Spinsah
I think it was his public displays of man-love with Martin that really got the goat of the inner-circles of the NDP. Still, this decision might not be the smartest one for the NDP.

I agree. Most Canadians (myself included) payed more attention to the fact that he was seen whoring with Martin then the fact that we was doing so to push strategic voting.

I also agree that there might be some downside to the NDP's decision to yank his card. However it might be part of a broader strategy to reposition the party to make it more palatable to the average union hating Ontario moron.
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Originally posted by ~atp~
What a moron. His comments reek of dictatorial power.

Buzz knows what's best for all Canadians...oh yes...

I think the funniest thing was seeing him on tv the last couple of days:

"Hey look everyone! I'm wearing orange! My socks are orange! I'm with the NDP! See? My tie - orange. My sweater - orange. My socks - orange!"

While I was kind of on the fence about Hargrove for a long time, his televised makeout session with Martin I think was him being opportunistic, plain and simple.
kinda funny, though but fuck him. we were talking about this @ work and for as long as many of the older dudes can remember, members @ our plant and @ bramalea have always told higher ups with the CAW to go stuff it with regards to telling them who they should or shouldn't vote for (windsor is another story altogether). this election people were shaking their heads when they saw him cozy up like that.

his days @ the top are soon over anyways, dumb cunt