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buying or lease to own a laptop pro's and cons


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heres the deal..

I would like to buy a laptop. though keeping my existing computer would be nice...I don't mind getting rid of it...I know I could probably get 200 bucks for it...

and that would offset the cost of the laptop...

should I buy one outright or just do monthly payments?

anyone bought tech stuff on a monthly payment?
I'm trying to save some money and going with the monthly payments would be good cus I could save money and still have it...the problem is I would be locked into it for like 48 months...

any suggestions?
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what kind of laptop are you looking towards purchasing? is it for work? gaming? graphics? what kind of budget?


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If you really have to have it now, get a line of credit from your bank and use that to pay for it. You can still pay it off as you go but you'll get better interest rates and flexible payment options with no hassles...


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if you're not looking @ getting a top of the line lappie, get a refurbished

all the major outlets have overstock/refurbished units ranging from $550-1200


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looking maybe refurbished in the 500 buck simple surfing (wireless on board hopefully don't want to use a PC card) basic sound editing and something to run final scratch off of maybe
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at the $500 range, leasing or fincancing it will end up costing you much more than you want to spend. See if you can get a small credit line or something.