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buying from ebay!!!


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hey... i was planning to buy a 1200 on ebay... just wondering.. if n e of u bought n e thing from there.... like how reliable is it.... what happens if there's a fraud going on.... ???? fill me in with some details if u can.... never bought n e thing there bfore.. soooo
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I buy hard to find vinyl off there all the time & its great! In order to sell something on ebay you have to sign a special policy of sorts.

You might want to look into that before buying a 1200 online as its a bit of a pricey toy! Also remember if you are buying from the US they may ding you on taxes when it arrives in Canada! :)

I love ebay ... its how I pass the time at work! :)

Cheap Ego

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Usually, high rated users are quite reliable. Though you may want to check to be sure that they got their high rating for selling goods, and not just buying them.

Buying high priced items for me hasn't been a problem. If the turntable was fully manufactured in USA then you won't pay duty, but they will charge GST/PST of the CDN equivalent value +brokerage feels (which are waaay overpriced by UPS). What'll probably hurt you the most is the shipping costs, as turntables are not exactly featherweight.

If you can find something being sold locally, on ebay, it may be better to pay the price if slightly higher, as long as you can arrange to pick up the item.


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Originally posted by Cheap Ego

If you can find something being sold locally, on ebay, it may be better to pay the price if slightly higher, as long as you can arrange to pick up the item.

Agreed...I buy vinyl on ebay all of the time and have yet to experience a problem. The issue with big ticket items is that ebay has a $500 US deductable - so if you spend say $700 on a table and never get it, then you are only insured to get $200 back. And the shipping thing - that will kill you every time. Best bet is to buy locally - ebay search in your area and that way if you win something expensive, you can pick up in person - saving shipping costs as well as the worry of never receiving the item. Try the Toronto buy and sell too: www.buysellzone.com
I got 2 x Tech 1200 w/ carts, mats and a crappy Numark mixer for $1000 CAN - be patient and you'll get what you want for the price you're willing to pay.


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When buying off ebay what I have done is asked the seller previous to the end of the auction is if when they mail the item if they will list it as having a value of $20 when they send it by US Ground (apparently they aren't too snoopy - even after 9/11)

If you look at enough ads you can tell by the description and pictures how new the items are. I got a good deal on the Pioneer DJM 600 mixer that was only a month old and babied, got the manual and original box, and even smelt new when I received it. I asked the seller to list only $20 on the package and put the box inside a plain brown one. So I didn't pay ANY duty.

As for 1200s you are going to be paying more and it might seem expensive, but remember that when you go play in a club, THOSE are the decks you are going to be using-the torque is unique to those decks- you don't want to train track!!, and when you resell your 12s the resell value will still be high. You'll get your money's worth out of them.

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i have bought rekkids off ebay too many times...i had to give it up last year because i became addicted, and the US dollar biziness is nuts...

as for a big item like that...
make sure you check the history of the person selling it, get in contact with them right away.

personally i would not trust getting a table off ebay.
stay local dood. you can check the goods out before you buy and it will be cheaper

good luck