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Buying CDJ's on EBAY...advice needed


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well Ive been looking around for CDJ's for a while now and have realised that EBAY was probably the best place to find a deal. So I did a search and to my amazement, they were going for cheap but I quickly found out I must email the seller for a proper quote.

So I did, and here's what the reply was.....

HyAMY@aol.com Add to Address Book
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 12:12:19 EST
Subject: Re: CDJ...2
To: bryanperrucho^^&&**@rogers.com
First I want to tell you that my CDJ...2 are brand new, unopened box
all accessories included and also an international warranty .
My price is the best you could get: 700USD(not euro), including the
shipping and insurance taxes. We will pay them because the package
will be delivered from Europe.I have many units available.
As delivery service we use UPS2days air service or overnight (with insurance and
15 days return policy), because it's the faster. And if you will have
a quick payment, we must also have a quick delivery. So that's why we
use as a payment method Western Union money transfer, the fastest and
also very secure way of sending money. I just open a electronics company here in europe
If i will make with you a good deal,you will recommend me ,maybe ,to your friends or to other persons.For me it is very important to have permanent deals on ebay,any negatice deal will not make good to me,That explain the price
So, if you agree with my terms I'm sure that we can close the deal as soon as possible.
Waiting your quick answer right now,

a couple of red flags had gone up when I read that.

""international warranty""
""no paypal""

I'm just wondering if anyone purchased CDJ 1000's in this fashion?
Any tips for avoiding getting ripped off?


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sellers make a good portion of their profit from (inflated) shipping costs. I would be wary of a seller who doesn't quote the shipping cost up front.


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well ...he does mention shipping is included right after he quotes the price.

it just seems TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!


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try and deal with someone in NA...there's gotta be a reputable online store with good prices
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try and find a reputable online store in NA...there's got to be tons, and it only makes sense you could get a better deal getting something shipped up from the states. if anything goes wrong, so much easier to deal with it if it's in the states...as opposed to some guy who may or may not even be based in the UK.


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mmm international warranty? sounds flakey. Most electronics manufacturers have their own consigned localized service and will not accept a warranty claim for a product bough out-of-county (so beware of that even buying from the US.)

Even if you're buying in Canada, make sure you're buying from an authorized Pioneer reseller or else they may not honour your warranty if/when the time comes.

BTW, why 1000s? I find the 800s good enough for a better price. You take a look at the 200s yet?


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Thanks Sen..

But I'm gonna play with this guy a bit and maybe really find out if this is a sham. I just emailed a reply?

Thu, 2 Mar 2006 01:23:11 -0500 (EST)
From: "BRYAN PERRUCHO" <bryanperrucho6666$$%^&**@rogers.com> Add to Address Book
Subject: re:CDj...2
To: HyAMY@aol.com

sounds like a great deal. Do u accept Paypal?
or if not I may be able to give you a AMEX card

let me know if this works for you.


Now I have no intension of giving this guy my credit card number.
I have amex gift cards that I use for FREE parking in the city. If worst comes to worst ...I'll use those.

I'll keep you guys posted...
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that's a scam if I've ever seen a scam... noticed A LOT of those for CDJ 1000's on Ebay

and you check their feedback and it's all stuff that was left on the same day... i garauntee if you check back after a day the listing will be gone.


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I think solacevip might have something to say about these guys... Total scam. The "western union" thing is the red flag there.

Sinister Shadow

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Definite scam alert. If I can't pay using a method that has fraud protection forget it. Western Union charges high fees and has no fraud protection. Ask the seller why he's use such a service. Chances are he'll never write back.
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DeepSix said:
You take a look at the 200s yet?

my bro picked up a pair of 200's and a behringer m700(?) mixer for $750.

they were only seven months old.

i dont find much difference between the 200 and 800 really, other than size.


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Be aware as well that buying CDJs from outside North America will void their warranty. You'd also have to deal with the voltage differences.


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I got a CDJ-1000mk2 from e-bay...brand new. The guy I dealt with owns a warehouse and sells on the side, but I did mine through e-bay and pay-pal... I paid $1050 Canadian for it too... got lucky with the bidding I guess. What ever you do do not bye out side of e-bay unless you know the guy personaly.
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OK guys. I got a reply from the seller today.

HyAMY@aol.com Add to Address Book
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006 13:37:16 EST
Subject: Re: CDj...2
To: bryanperrucho@rogers.com
no PayPal because the withdraw limit is 500USD per week. I cant use paypal because it said im over my limitand
i dont want to sound stupid but i dont understand why i cant use
paypal they only gave me a 2000.oo dollar limit for mounth my credit card has way more
than that on it. I usually pay the products with cash money.
More, I don't trust paypal payments anymore i got scamed last week or any
other onlne auctions go to this web address and read the

LOL..the excuses with this guy. But I have to say at least he is trying.

It does seem he really wants to cut a deal. I'm gonna send him a reply calling his bluff....


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Well I called him on it lets see what happens.


My friend you have such a great deal, but you have to understand that $700.00 US for 2 CDJ's is too good to be true.
There is a saying in my country (probably in yours aswell)

"if its too good to be true....it usually is....."

Not that I think your ripping me off its just that the way you post your auctions make me very suspicous.

1 - Price very low
2 - there are 20 other sellers posting their auctions the same way as you.
3 - How come u have no feedeback from people buying CDJ's
(u have the best price.....)
4 - Wire transfers are the hardest method of payment to track if there are any problems with shipping.

I want to buy them of you. BUT I WILL NOT purchase them unless you offer PAYPAL as a method of payment. I dont think you will sell too many for that price unless you do.

I will say this....If you are an honorable sales person and this sales goes off with no problems I will make sure every I know that needs a CDJ talks to you.

Thank You
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that guys planning on scamming you. no doubt about it.

- If someone wants you to contact them outside ebay 95% of the time theyre not legit.

- western union is the least secure way to pay besides sending cash.

- noone offers free 2 day overseas shipping

- if the guy speaks poor english hell scam your ass. the majority of fraud commited on transactions like these arent from North America. For example, make a post on Craigslist about selling some electronic equipment and see how fast the broken english emails will come rolling in by people willing to pay well over market value and send you a prepaid shipping label to a PO box at a bus stop in Laos or Taiwan (theyll say theyre from England thou.)
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