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buy my records! all genres

feisty boy

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well most genres anyways. sorry for the total mess - if you want to know more about a certain record (catalog info or whatever), pm me. i'm too lazy to get all dewey decimal on these things.
as for price - i'm not looking to make money, just to lighten my load - so i'm saying 5 bucks a plate, cheaper if you want to buy a few.
here goes

bill laswell - sacred system chapter 2 - thunupa, anubis, purana, akapana
sacred system - xzibit-i, driftwork, black lotus
final frontier - rootsman remixed - aghat(disciples), duende(primitive), blakan blues(grounation), bad boy business(muslimgauze), bad boy business(strongpoint), mother of nature(el jethoor), ancient vibrations(gabriel lemar)
snooze - quiet alone
ivor guest - negative yogi ep - ambient, biomechanics, woodwork dub, and album versions
blu mar ten - everglades, voidfield, santur, blush
blu mar ten - conversationalist - original and fink remix

global takeover - mickey finn & aphrodite - bad ass (lapd mix)
mickey finn & aphrodite - drop top caddy (album mix)
mulder - don't believe (album mix)
eps & 2 - hype the funk (reworks)
untouchables - at the count of three (album mix)
untouchables - western (album mix)

xtc - on a mission ep - the way, ur near me, mission
dj ss - ma2 - hearing is believing remix - 1 sided vinyl
dj zinc - stretched, bring the danger
classic remixes - the way 2k, horns 4 2000
60 minute man - soul survivor, sounds in da air
ruff n' rugged - kenny ken remix, manic music - lick back remix
cy bin - syphon, roller - ray keith remix
wots my code:dubplate - total science remix, total science - breakfast club
formation records - italy
sons of mecha - rocweiller, rocweiller (rennie pilgrem remix)
kosheen - catch, demonstrate
vinyl syndicate - mystical - broadcast, shift
dj zinc - driven, dj nut nut - the finest
mts - hard disk - zinc remix, undercover agent - slaughter
exile - fatal exception, undergrowth
hospital records - landslide - down down, fortuna
london elektricity - rewind, rewound
natural born chillers - rip da cut, rock the funky beat
classic remixes - back to life (spice rmx), what's the time (vip mix)
john b - the gate, music for lost cities
emotif - shiver, mamba
dj zinc - toothbrush, terminal outkasts - way out east
rantoul - on the edge, intersperse - haunting winds
pureplex - this is this, tranquil existence, step by step, yesterdays future
london elektricity vs jon forte - pbe remixes
manifest feat. soulphonics - revival, set it off

coast 2 coast feat. discovery - home - original mix, 5 a.m. mix
art of trance feat. caroline lavelle - breathe - 12"vocal, cygnusx remix, dawnseekers remix
freefall feat. jan johnston - skydive - sono and vocal remixes
way out west - mindcircus - original, phunk investigation rmx, club mix
cygnusx - superstring - rank1, original mixes
bt - dreaming - libra mix, tiesto mix, eric kupper dubstramental
lostit.com - animal - trance mix, extended mix
gouryella - the original baby!
avb & tiesto - alibi -eternity
freon - heavens gate, dawnseekers - gothic drewm jon johnston remix
kamaya painters - far from over, cryptomnesia, soft light
trancesetters - roaches - john johnson remix
space age invention 2.0 - tiesto black hole stuff


oldschool vs. new school (jive electro) - bdp vs bassbin twins, whodini vs dj icey, tribe called quest vs aphrodite, tribe called quest vs norman cook

caffeine - uhyeah '98 - boston bruins remix, micro and vic remix

benbecula: beluga - tundra, novel 23 - blink run away to east, fibla - djam, mikael romanenko - evel.all, bauri - cargo slip, phase6 - deep motion

kid loco - dj kicks (google the tracklisting if you need)

ninja tune - ninja cuts - funkungfusion (good shit - google tracklist)

4a.m eternal - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00004U8EG/104-8640192-1571130?v=glance&n=5174 (same but vinyl)

afterlife - simplicity two thousand - http://www.themilkfactory.co.uk/music/aftrlf.htm

euphoria delirium remixes - fila brazilia, state of bengal, mi7, garry hughes

snakefarm - st james - gusgus, skylab, john tejada remixes

nordic trax ep - high fidelity - breaking point, jett kda tripmaster - transcend, tri state recordings - descender, hide n seek - ignatius

beefcake - in medias res. 12"
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