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Buttascotch @ Felicity's


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Not sure if anyone else was there from Tribe, didn't see anyone...which is too bad...the night rocked. Supposedly the owner said it had been the most ppl there in 6 months, def the most I've seen at Felicity's in a long time.
Pegleg played a hard funky house set, including opening with a Bob and Doug sample which was funny as hell...I thought Telie K played wicked too, had the crowd moving...Hush played great but didn't really have much of a crowd to work with early on.
All in all a great night...can't wait for the next event.
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Glad to hear it went well, Brad.

Sorry I couldn't make it out.

When are you planning on having some more parties?

kid kinetik

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I had an awsome time there too. It had been a long time since I had last been there and it seemed to go really well. Hopefully we'll see some more Buttascotch events there in the future. It seems like a good time was had by all.