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Business Analyst $$$


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The successful candidate will be responsible and accountable to:

* Identify business requirements through consultation with the client or internal sources.
* Identify and evaluate alternative solutions to business problems and recommend appropriate strategies
* Prepare detailed project requirements and specifications that will form the framework of software through production by the entire project team
* Assist in the design of the software
* Maintain on-going communication with customers or internal sources throughout the life of a project
* Coordinate the receipt and distribution of critical information from the client to the production department
* Review completed work to verify its quality and accuracy according to developed specifications
* Occasionally work long hours to meet project deadlines
* Travel on short notice to client sites


The successful candidate will have a majority of the following experience and skills:

* Will have work experience in the new home and condo industry
* Undergraduate university degree in Computer Science or Business Administration
* Minimum 2 years of business analyst experience in a professional environment related to software development, E-commerce or web development
* Business skills - problem identification including business impact, business processes and procedures, cost/benefit analysis
* Strong organizational and project management skills
* Superior communication skills - client interviewing, business writing, developing and delivering presentations
* Ability to work effectively in a team environment
* Understand the balance between customer service and the financial interest of the company
* Individual will have a good understanding of Web applications and IT industry

We work in a fast paced, flexible, and professional environment with a supportive work culture that rewards initiative and performance. This position offers great scope for growth and independent functioning, while contributing to the crucial initiatives of the Company. We offer competitive compensation and benefits that are driven by qualifications, experience and PERFORMANCE.

If you are interested in this opportunity to join our team, please send me an email to henry.zaccak at gmail.com