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Bush on Dean's comments re: 9/11 foreknowledge

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"In that case let me follow up with something unrelated"

wow - amazing how the press really grills Bush on the issues! :rolleyes:


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maybe i'm just stupid to think that after some 25 years of edumacation and being on this planet for some 50 odd years, this cat could come up with a better answer than "well its politics...."

is this too much to ask of a public speaker.

Boss Hog

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and that this would be perfectly acceptable by the media in light of all the evidence that has come forth, and the gaping inconsistencies in the official story.



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I'm not a big fan of Bush (I can't stand the bastard) but he looked really tired and out of it in that confrence. Bush looked really confused. Do they drug him before he speaks to the public?:D
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Boss Hog

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No, apparently he just can't answer questions where guilt should be involved.

Ever study body language?