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Bush and Tree

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Powerless, frustrated, angry...

Deep in the holidays, when little children were waiting for magical presents and families of Men gathered to feast and celebrate good will to all, the villain of our story, Bush and his minions announced plans to make rules protecting forests magically disappear. A Clinton-administration prohibition on new roads in US National forests was waived away with the stroke of a pen, and the largest national forest in the US exempted from the rule.

The roadless rule comes from a wiser, more enlightened age and was created with the popular support of Men. The Tongass National Forest, in the wilderness of Alaska, has now been opened up to plunder by hoards of logging companies intent on one thing - the felling of the oldest and largest trees in the forest to turn into money. In the process, they will destroy the rich habitats and irreplaceable ecosystems that rely upon these giants of the earth.

Of course the Dark Lord hoped that an announcement of such evil deeds during the holidays would ensure it went unnoticed by a media that has already fallen largely under a spell of silence. The protection of the forest was the most popular law ever written in the US, with over two million people writing to express their support for increased protection of the forests and their inhabitants. The proposed change attracted over a quarter of a million comments with 100 to 1 against logging in the Tongass. But as George would join Saruman in saying, "The will of Men is weak...we must have power, power to order all things as we will."

In the dark tongue of BushSpeak, which we will not utter here, the US President tried to claim that "only" a small percentage of the Tongass would be opened to logging. What he fails to mention is that the 300,000 acres that have been opened are largely in ancient forest areas - the greatest concentrations of biodiversity, watershed, and ecological value -- which cannot be replaced by simply planting new trees. These areas happen to be the greatest concentration of economic value as well, and it will be the largest and the oldest of trees in America's last intact temperate rainforest which will be felled - many for pulp and paper products such as toilet paper.

Full story @ www.greenpeace.org
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