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Burts Bees is the new Vicks


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Beezin': The New Way To Enhance Your High

All of the cool kids are doing it: Time has reported that, apparently, teenagers are applying Burt's Bees lip balm to their eyelids — because nothing says Friday-night fun like an eyeball full of peppermint oil, right? Kids are using the tingling sensation to heighten the feeling of being already drunk or high. But, they're also using it to "remain alert," because apparently, teenage boredom did not die with the advent of 24-7 Internet madness.

The trend reportedly originated after a "comedian musician" posted a parody video about getting high off of putting the lip balm on his eyelids. Teenagers apparently followed suit, posting additional videos of them trying the trend out themselves. These poor kids apparently think that "Beezin'" is safe, because Burt's products are 100% natural. However, peppermint oil is a very potent ingredient — and, while it certainly won't cause blindness, it may cause serious irritation to the delicate eye area. Parents nationwide are being asked to monitor their teens' behavior to make sure they don't fall victim to the dangers of Beezin'. As the intrepid reporters at Fox25 helpfully pointed out in an on-air segment: "As we've seen in the past, viral trends can be deadly."



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For the record, Vicks was a very real trend. Nothing fake about it. I remember watching people light those Vicks tubes to heat them up then sniff away. Refreshing, I'm sure.


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after putting all the other stuff up a nostril a little vicks inhaler had a purpose... haha clear those sinues. Of course I know nothing about that stuff
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went to a rave in Montreal back in the 90's ... whole place was Vicks, you walk in the main room and your sinuses cleared up immediately. No need to bring your own.

The Montreal police showed up to do a stroll around the room looking for people openly doing drugs... it was amusing standing there as they did they their thing, watching their noses twitching...