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Burning the midnight oil: food

Joe Seven

TRIBE Member
I'm up late doing work. Need to stay alert so I've got some coffee and peanut M&M's here. Caffeine and sugar should keep me motivated.

What's your late night "focus food?"


TRIBE Member
diet pepsi... its my feel better food.. (hangovers, studying for exams, flues / colds, hot weather) I don't know it must be the white trash in me..

but i just polished off an ice cream sandwhich an a bag of lays original.. i'm stugying for my last exam tomorow

Joe Seven

TRIBE Member
Klondike? That's a good one.
These M&Ms have been sitting on my counter for about 2 weeks, the bags been open, and they taste perfectly fine! Must be all that "carnauba wax".
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