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Burning special CD's assistance needed.


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Anyone burn a cusom made VCD in nero before?

I select it and it gives me all these sub folders..

What to do next..



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I'm Special


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Tools: Get Nero 5.5+ or get the demo here.

Launch Nero.Close the Wizard. Select File->New, then Select VideoCD (select Super Video CD to create a SVCD) and click New.

1. Locate your .mpg and drag it.
2. Check the time. It should be exact the same as in the movie.

3. Rename the CD to anything you like by clicking F2 on NEW.

4. Select File->Write CD.

Meh.. simple enuff...


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Make sure your dragging the MPG file into the MPEG2AV subfolder though.......

Or else your DVD/VCD player won't know where to look.
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One more thing......make sure you MPG file is VCD compliant....

www.vcdhelp.com will tell you the specs.

If not, Nero will ask if you want to convert the file. Doing this will work but I've noticed that on about 60% of the files that I've converted the audio desynchs by about 1-2 seconds halfway through the video.

Something with Nero's encoder I believe.

So if you know how to change bitrate and audio quality on the MPG, more power too you because you can convert it yourself.




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thanx again..
Do you know if I should burn it at a lower speed?

if it matters for stability on player's sake..