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Burning Man shut down until further notice due to bad weather


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Due to poor weather conditions – thunderstorms with heavy rain – there will be no entry onto The Playa until further notice.

Local news sources in Nevada say Burning Man will have to be closed for tonight and possibly into Tuesday morning in order to prevent accidents. Traffic into the site has been backed up for over three miles and local authorities are making Burners return to Reno.

Via Twitter, Burning Man has announced that those travelling to the festival should remain where they are and will be alerted when entry is reopened.

Get updates via the official Twitter feed: @burningman
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Klubmasta Will

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it sounds like they'll be back up and running in a day or two. the playa dries out very quickly in the desert sun. i wonder if the bike-riding conditions on the playa will be better or worse as a result of this. i also wonder what this means for the set-up of larger art installations.

i will be sad to miss this year's festival, but not really that sad. :)


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My friends Nat & Kate (Ottawa TRIBE correspondent & Rave Report correspondent from back in the print days). I asked them to send me lots of pictures of their boobs and I haven't seen any yet so they must be wearing raincoats.
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