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Burning Man death

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by tayo, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. tayo

    tayo TRIBE Member

  2. outofcontrol

    outofcontrol TRIBE Member

    Man, what a bummer to the weekend. Thats just terrible. Imagine something like that happening at OM.. my heart goes out.
  3. chooch

    chooch TRIBE Member

    Yes...no kidding outofcontrol! I read the article, what horrible news about the death and injuries at the festival. Can't imagine...:(
  4. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

    this is very sad news.

    the burning man festival is the most wonderful, positive celebration that i have ever participated in. but i DID notice last year that some of the participants had contraptions that were potentially dangerous.

    especially because each year, the participants who contribute art, stages, funhouses, vehicles, rides and other contraptions try to out-do previous accomplishments, they keep getting bigger and more extravagant and, therefore, sometimes more dangerous.

    even last year, at the 'thunderdome' - which was absolutely INSANE fun - i remember thinking it was a lawsuit waiting to happen; hundreds of people were hanging and dangling from the rooftop and walls of the giant thunderdome while the combatants battled. if any of them lost their balance, they could have easily died. and many of the rides and vehicles, while simply AWESOME to witness, were set up very quickly and probably without full safety checks.

    the playa did not have its own airstrip last year and perhaps they did not plan properly for it.

    hopefully, the organizers will learn from this and make things more safe and, hopefully, the authorities will NOT have a knee-jerk reaction against the festival, because it really is one of the most important cultural festivals in the entire world.

    rest in peace to the burner, katherine lampman, who died and hopefully the burners who were injured will recover quickly.
  5. juice

    juice TRIBE Member

    No One Makes It To Burning Man Festival

    Above: The empty Burning Man festival grounds.

    GERLACH, NV—The Burning Man festival, a prominent artistic and countercultural event that draws tens of thousands of people to the Nevada desert annually, is in danger of cancellation this week because "no one had their shit together enough to even make it," organizers said Tuesday.

    "Jesus Christ, this is pathetic," said event coordinator Ethan Moon as he angrily gestured toward the empty Black Rock Desert basin expanse, known as the playa. "We've been promoting this thing all year. You can't start panhandling quarters for gas the week before the festival and expect to make it here in time, man."

    Moon listed some of the most common no-show excuses, among them oversleeping, forgetting to request time off work, faulty van-borrowing arrangements, a shortage of ochre body-paint, and the last-minute realization that transportation to the Burning Man festival requires money.

    "As of a few weeks ago, or even a few days ago, there were 30,000 people who honestly planned on coming," Moon said. "In every case, however, there were, well, you know—shit happened."

    Although Burning Man festivals have had no-shows in the past, Moon said he's never witnessed absenteeism on this level.

    "You have to figure out a way to get here, stock up on water and extra clothing for the cold nights, and make sure you have adequate shelter," Moon said. "Apparently, the advance planning it takes to arrange those three basic things was more than anyone could handle. Sorry to be on this uptight trip, but check out the playa. Not a single nude dude in a homemade papier-mâché tribal mask as far as the eye can see."

    Although Burning Man is billed on its web site as a "temporary community dedicated to radical self-expression and radical self-reliance," it became evident that the no-shows were more capable of the former than they were of the latter.

    Los Angeles silkscreen artist Goldi Trewartha was among the tens of thousands of Burning Man devotees who stayed home this year.

    "Yeah, I was supposed to go with Ari and Shel, but they couldn't score [Ecstasy] in time for the trip, and I forgot my bartering beads at my friend Marnie's place in Los Feliz," Trewartha said. "Oh, and I forgot to get a dog sitter."

    Added Trewartha: "Shel made this great suit out of old stuffed-monkey pelts and duct tape, and he was going to hop up and down on this old trampoline he found. But his ex, Nikki, made him babysit [their daughter] Gaia while she headed out to Big Sur for a few days. I love Nikki, but sometimes she can be real flaky."

    Chaz Bullard, a University of Vermont undergraduate and veteran mud person, had multiple excuses for his failure to attend the Burning Man festival.

    "I totally spaced that August is 8, and I wrote down 9 in my sketchbook," Bullard said. "Oh, and I got evicted. Yeah, fuckin' Dyl up and ditches me, right, and I'm stuck owing $700, because he wasn't on the lease."

    Bullard added that he contracted hepatitis from his ex-roommate's tacos.

    Above: Boulder resident Paul Sandley, who was halfway to Burning Man when his truck "totally konked."

    Moon said he has received apologetic phone calls from a squadron of recumbent bicyclists lost somewhere in southern Nebraska, a Kentucky artist whose pet python was too carsick to continue the journey, and a group of Germans who uncovered a fatal structural flaw in their "Freak Harnesses" art installation at the last minute.

    Hippies were not the only counterculture group to miss the Burning Man festival. Portland-area Linux user and self-described cyber-conceptualist "Free" Lance Kaegle explained his absence in an instant message from his studio.

    "I was organizing this boss techno-art project called 'Off The Grid,'" Kaegle wrote. "We were going to set up computer terminals in various parts of the playa and have people use them. Then we'd feed the binary data from those terminals into this fractals program that [Silver Lake, CA software designer] Ricky [Thomas-Slater] wrote. Those fractals would be sent, on the fly, to a group of exiled Buddhist monks I befriended online. The monks would transform the fractals into a temporal sand painting, the making of which we would webcast live to everyone on the playa."

    Added Kaegle: "But I had to stop working on the monk thing to finish up this Pam's Country Crafts web site I'm working on. I really need the money."

    While most absences were accidental, a few were not. Doug "Crazyroot" Pycroft, a former smoothie-stand employee, has a history of missing countercultural events.

    "I thought about going, but then I decided I don't need some dudes pushing their rules down my throat," Pycroft said. "That's the problem with these things. If they're so nonconformist, how come you gotta obey some fascist wearing a lanyard just to use the Port-A-John? Same reason I refused to go to [The Church Of The Subgenius'] X-Day back in '98. Hell, I ditched the very first Lollapalooza one hour in."

    As a cloud of sand whipped across the desolate playa, Moon could only shake his head. Although the weeklong festival traditionally culminates in the igniting of the Burning Man, a 50-foot-tall wooden structure strapped with fireworks and other incendiaries, Moon wondered aloud whether he and the handful of other staffers should even bother.

    "I guess we could burn what we've built, but it would just feel anticlimactic with no one around to watch," Moon said. "You gotta look at the bigger picture here, folks. You shouldn't think of Burning Man as a burden. Burning Man is about being part of a community. Unfortunately, it's a community of people who can't get up before 1 p.m."
  6. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

    juice - where did that article come from?

    i find it surprising because burning man has been getting larger every year and there were 30,000 people in attendance last year.

    my crew decided to stay home this year - not my choice (and so i made other vacation plans) - but we are planning to attend next year.

    if anyone reading this is planning on going, start making plans one or two MONTHS before you go. the festival is not a three-day; you have to survive the desert without being able to buy anything. so you have to arrange to either bring a week's worth of water, food, shelter and entertainment or bring things to trade with other people because money is not allowed.

    burning man 2004 or bust. :)
  7. bitchass

    bitchass TRIBE Member

  8. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

    aight, my bad. glad it's a joke.

    (incidentally, it's not very funny.) :)
  9. mutslaster

    mutslaster TRIBE Member

    will, how could you read that and NOT know it was satirical?
  10. bitchass

    bitchass TRIBE Member

    or the wicked photoshop job :)

  11. juice

    juice TRIBE Member

    Haha :) I tried to make it look real so it'd be funnier but alas it is indeed from The Onion ... and it is VERY funny. In fact kmac has a friend who is so outta that article it's not even funny, or does that make it more funny. I'm confused.
  12. slingshot

    slingshot TRIBE Member


  13. kmac

    kmac TRIBE Member

    Ha ha.

    Which one? There could be a few who fit that description...

    One of my buddies is there right now and he's heading to Toronto the day after for the film festival. I can't wait to hear some stories.

    It's unfortunate about the death and I hope this doesn't give "The Man" the ammo he needs to shut it down.
  14. juice

    juice TRIBE Member

    That story that you told me about Steve when we were out for dinner the other night.
  15. acheron

    acheron TRIBE Member


    this was posted on the burning man eplaya board on Tuesday:

    "My boyfriend, Barry Jacobs, was the pilot in the plane crash at Burning Man on Saturday.



    He is currently in a deep coma with severe head trauma and brain damage, and is currently on life support. He will be leaving this earth soon, as there is nothing medicine or surgery can do to help him recover or survive, besides life support.

    There were 3 other passengers in the plane, a father and son who have both since regained consciousness and are recuperating from multiple traumas and injuries, and a woman who is still unconscious, but who is expected to survive. Please include them all in your prayers and thoughts.

    This happened at lunchtime, the day of the Burn (Saturday). I have been at Washoe Medical Center in Reno, NV, where Barry was helicoptered after they took 1 hour to cut him out of the plane wreckage. His larynx was crushed upon impact, cutting off the oxygen to his brain for approx. one hour, thus causing the irreparable brain damage.

    He is survived by his only son, Nick, and his father Lou, and his brother, Jordan.

    And he survives in my heart. We were at the apex of being in love with each other, and shared a deep love and passion.

    Please include Barry and his family and friends, and my broken heart, in your prayers and thoughts.

    Losing my father and Barry in the same year is a devastating loss. I seem to have an amazing capacity for pain.

    I can absorb it and survive it only because I have an amazingly compassionate and loving network of friends and family.

    Thank you, Carmen

    -------------------------Another lost one.

    I met Barry Jacobs last year at Burning Man.
    We've been friends since then.
    In recent months we began to see more of each other.
    When I returned from Manila after Papa's death, Barry was a friend who relentlessly opened his arms and heart and home to me.

    Despite my grieving haze and numb heart
    his patience and gentleness and love
    melted my jade
    and inspired passion and tenderness in me
    slowly his kisses became the healing balm for my heart
    And even a girl like me - damaged, cynical,
    self-protective, sophisticated about love
    I fell hard.
    He fell hard.

    And this summer for us was a summer of love and
    passion and happiness
    Last week we returned to Nevada for Burning Man.
    We flew in on his Beechcraft Bonanza airplane.
    I get airsick but didn't yak till after the 2 hour
    plane ride.

    [ I'd been plane phobic for years, the first plane I'd
    been on in awhile was actually with Barry, last year,
    when he took me on one of his little tours of Burning
    Man in his plane ] .

    We had a few wonderful amazing days of each other's undivided attention and love, and on Saturday morning he gave the same little 15 minutes tours above the desert he gave me last year.

    On the second flight, upon approach to landing, the plane crashed.

    How many times can my heart break this year?


    the dopamine junkie
    -end of line-"
  16. acheron

    acheron TRIBE Member

    further to this...


    "My first Burn, we just returned, minus 20% of the folks we drove out with.
    Beyond Belief, how appropriate.

    Our friends are still in the Washoe Med Center, our closest friend still in a coma, her boyfriend is recovering slowly, albeit with broken bones and more, his son has just come out of his 3rd operation, and will recover, but the pilot is brain-dead, after not having oxygen for the 1 hour it took to get to them inside the plane.

    I missed the Man & Temple burns, as I went to Reno to provide info to the hospital and whatever support I could, as they were all in a coma for the first 2 days. Sandra, a great gal from our camp (Birch Circle from San Rafael) drove to Reno with me and left her car there for Carmen (pilot's wife) and I to use. I spent part of the night in the ICU with them all.

    Went back last night and spent the night in Reno, saw them all for another day, and there's good news. Our friend Patte is still in a coma, but seems to be coming out of it, and was moving her toes and fingers in response to questions. Patrick is conscious now, but is confused and doesn't remember even going to BRC, much less the crash. His son, Josha, is conscious but still on a ventilator, and is doing well after the 3rd surgery, where they removed a piece of the control panel from his sinus cavity. Sadly, the pilot, Barry, is given only a 2% chance to come out of the coma, as his brain was deprived of oxygen too long.

    My wife and my cousin came to Reno Sunday and brought me back, to help pack up the camp and return to the Bay Area. My wife and I ended up finding the night we'd dreamed BM to be, dancing to Hamsa Lila at the Otter Oasis (thanks, Otter Oasis & Hamsa Lila!!!!)

    All in all, it was Beyond Belief, and I look forward to returning to BRC next year.

    I feel that BM is whatever you make of it, and even with this tragedy in our camp, we made the most of it, and our camp bonded together and helped us.

    You're all the best, and we were so happy to be a part of it, even with all that happened.

    Hopefully next year I'll actually get to see the Man burn; everyone told me how beautiful it was. I'd never trade being in the ICU, though; I think my being there and giving my friends my love and energy helped. Today I took in a CD player and played them the new Michael Franti/ Spearhead album - they loved it, as they'd seen him at Reggae on the River, and thought he was the show.

    Power to the Peaceful!! ray@raygraph.com"
  17. tablist

    tablist TRIBE Member

    That dude probably gets burned with weed all the time. What a dumb ass..... Seriously, who the fuck puts a giant pot leaf on thei back windsheild?
  18. tayo

    tayo TRIBE Member

    wow those stories are so sad...
    best people at the world at burning man.. everyone's a volunteer yet everyone is so passionate about their contribution.
    i want to go again next year...
  19. AdRiaN

    AdRiaN TRIBE Member

    I was considering going next year ... but now I might change my mind. :)
  20. ChROmE

    ChROmE TRIBE Member

    No money for a week is a sweet deal. Bartering can be so much fun. Especially when you are from Canada, have an RV and the freezer is stocked with freezies...oh yeah the temperature is around 40 degrees celsius.

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