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Burning a hole through glass...


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I bought a really sweet vase that's perfect for a bong (for tobacco purposes only, of course), but I need to burn a hole in it for the tube-thingy...how much would a glass burner cost? Or do you think one of the head shops would burn one for me for a nominal cost? Or is there another way to get a hole in it?
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a glass burner? uh i don't think so.

you can cut glass and you can melt glass, but if you tried to burn a hole in a vase your would probably destroy it.

i'm not a materials engineer, i could be wrong, but i would think that if you really want to do this buy a glass cutter at crappy tire, they cost about $14. cut a dime size hole in the vase. insert the shaft and fit it with rubber washers.

or why not just put flowers in the vase and buy yourself a bong?