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burn the witch!

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by mr chris, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. mr chris

    mr chris TRIBE Member

  2. tripleup

    tripleup TRIBE Member

    Nice of the star to post his picture.

  3. acheron

    acheron TRIBE Member

    "pretending to practice witchcraft" is an offense?
  4. Fillmore

    Fillmore TRIBE Member

    Practicing witchcraft in your own home is not an offense but when you start accepting cash for it from others it becomes an offense. It's actually written in the criminal code.

    Especially when nothing you say to people works out or happens.
  5. acheron

    acheron TRIBE Member

    can we charge mayoral candidates with witchcraft then?
  6. Wiseman

    Wiseman TRIBE Member

    Sounds like someone had a reason to look this up.

    BTW, how is your Eye of Newt stock Jeff?
  7. Fillmore

    Fillmore TRIBE Member

    haha yes my test date is quickly approaching so I am trying to pick up everything I can.
    I actually have a ride along coming up as well.

    Eye of newt....?
  8. unique2100

    unique2100 TRIBE Promoter

    Wow what a well researched and written article. This kind of reporting is worse than showing low-fi youtube videos on the news.
  9. graham

    graham Well-Known TRIBEr

    I like that one
  10. Krzysiu

    Krzysiu TRIBE Member

    um, he's actually a "wiccan", okay thanks?

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