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Burberry Prossum


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where could someone(not from TO) purchase mens pieces from the Burburry Prossum line? Does Holt Renfrew typically stock it?
online purchasing? do any of you know how much the hats from their spring/summer line for men are?


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Holt's typically carries Burberry and Burberry London but I'm not sure they have the Prossum line right now, call and ask.
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Oh, and they have a lot of the hats at the Yorkdale one but I find that they sell pretty fast. Cuz I will go back within the week and they are gone.
And if you actually are gonna pay $300 for a Burberry hat, you're gonna be a bigger douchebag than when you're wearing the hat itself.

You can get a fake one for $10 on Canal Street. Haha.