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Bumpy House - Sour Grapes - Jackin' yo Shit!


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So, this is the first mix to be posted by Sour Grapes. It was recorded at a house party at the end of April. Lots of jazzy house and bumpy sounds for you all. Feedback is encouraged and very welcomed!


Greenskeepers - Mesopotamian (Land Desardi Deep Bleep Dub)
Jay West - Devils Back Rub
Kinky Movement - Getting There (Inland Knights)
Diem - New York to Down South (Da Sun lounge)
Mark Farina - Radio
Collette - Feelin' Hypnotized (Jason Hodges)
unknown (unfortunately lost the file name for this track when I switched computers)
Family Business - Jazzy's Savory Roast Potatoes Redid
John Larner - Funky Hand (Chucky Daniels Filthy Hand rub)
Jrockelecko - Virgin Escapade
Late Night Society - Balance Within (Chuck Daniels Rebalanced mix)
Trevor Loveys - Feel the Horns
Jason Hodges - Shake it

Hope you enjoy it!

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Anyone get a chance to check this out?

I'd love to hear feedback, positive or negative, share your thoughts!


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I've only listened to the first half hour of this mix but I'm already really impressed. Great tracks and some of the smoothest mixing I've heard in a long time. I had trouble spotting where one track ended and the other began at some points. Unless the whole mix falls apart in the last half hour, this is a winner. Nice work.


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Trevor Loveys lays it down nice in that track. One of my favourite producers at the moment

Nice to hear you enjoyed the set hallisz, thanks for the kind words!
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Technically: spot on, seamless mixing, transitions were great - I especially liked that break early on with the piano line that came in there - awesome track selection

Musically: first 15 mins are where its at for this track. As the mix went through its middle section I found myself still enjoying it - a nice housey mix on a sunny day like today is great! (made my commute much nicer!) - but I also found myself appreciating the tracks a bit less in that section. That was just my personal taste I guess but if I was on a dancefloor I'd definitely be cutting it up huge through the WHOLE thing, but part of me was hoping the sound of the first 15-20 mins there would persist through the whole mix.

All in all I though it was great! like, 8 out of 10, and I'd def pass this out if I were you hoping to get gigs - I'm sure a lot of people will dig it!