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Buildig Blocks Party


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It didnt take much cohersion to get us to the Building Blocks Party.

We were supposed to start the night at mint et menthe, which looked like an extremely nice place, too bad there was a private party...

We end up going to Nasa and chilling there with crappy music..I mean I can play better than that and I havent even een palying for very long.

Finally we make our way over to the Building Blocks Party, from the time I walked in the vibe was kickin it (I can't believe I just used the word vibe). The music was killer, the people were super nice, and KF was totally hammered..exactly how we had planned it!!! Thats my review!!
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The sound system in that place needs to be replaced, or they need to add sound to the back of the room. I got to hang with lots of friends which was cool. Jeremy's live P.A. was good and Pantytec played some good tracks on the decks.

Over all I can't say I really like the space above ARIA
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^^^^ Many clubs with a sound system that hasnt had the shit kicked out of it 8 years ago!

Speakers need to be in the back!

Dave Lee

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The problem with a quadraphonic sound system (or simply with a split stereo channel in the back) is that you run into such problems as reflection and phase delay. These are problems that aren't easy to fix and aren't cheap either. The way we had the sound set up the whole are in front of the live acts should have been a sweet spot.

It might not have been loud enough for you back there pokerface but I stand by the decision to have had the sound system that way.

Algorithm, Monolake and any other person trained in acoustics would agree with me that the arrangement of the system last night was the ideal setup for that space and for the sound system.

I agree it could have been louder from the front perhaps but to put speakers in the back is a poor choice for audio fidelity


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Well at least you guys brought the EV's in that night. That Cerwin Vega system is the old E space system that was probably beat to shit by amature dj's back in the day. I agree speakers in the back is not always the best choice but I could have wispered in the back and someone would heve heard it. I guess I like it loud and thumping which may not be good because I will probably be totally deaf by the time I am 35.

It was louder in there that night, because Jamie wasnt there walking around with his decibel reader.


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Thanks for everyone that came out to Building Blocks 4.5. We've had a lot of response to the images that were shown throughout the night so we've converted them into screen savers for you to enjoy (windows only, sorry mac users). Download the .exe or .zip (zip contains the .exe and is smaller). Click on the .exe to install and it will show up in your screen saver properties window.

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